Vestabul’s Top 10 Pantries

Pantries come in all shapes and sizes. Here are Vestabul’s Top 10!

1. Shallow Depth Pantries because they allow easy access to the cabinet interior and fit standard food stuffs one or two items deep.

2. Narrow Width Pantries with pullout out storage systems because they maximize narrow deep spaces and installing multiple ones is great for organizing food categories.


3. Standard Two Door Pantries with rollout shelves because they give accessibility to the back of the cabinet and provide organization.

4. Duel Pantries flanking the refrigerator because it puts all of the cooks food storage needs in one place and frames the appliance for a furniture look.


5. Pantries with Drawers because it is only one movement to pull out a drawer and they are great for boxed goods.

6. A Chef’s pantry accessory because it stores one-off items that are easily located in a large cabinet.


7. Pantries designed as Furniture Pieces because they blend well with more transitional and traditional interiors.

8. Industrial Pantry Shelving because they give a commercial vibe and can fit almost anywhere.


9. Walk-in Pantries because they allow for visual inventory of stored items and offer multi-functional storing options.

10. Butler’s Pantries because they offer a transitional space between kitchen and dining spaces providing a great place to store entertaining items.


Check out Vestabul’s Food Storage Zone and Food Storage Solutions to see more great pantries!

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