Top 10 Ways to Accessorize Your Base Cabinets

Most kitchen base cabinets are not that functional. Walk into any builder’s kitchen and you often see a lot of base cabinets with full height doors with a shelf inside or cabinets with a top drawer and a door below. Other than the top drawer, most of the storage in these base cabinets is not very accessible. Items often get lost at the back of the cabinet. Your base cabinets have so much more potential! Follow along and see Vestabul’s Top 10 ways to accessories your base cabinets.


1. Add Rollout Shelves

Adding rollout shelves allows all of the supplies to be easily accessed. Rollout shelves can be constructed out of wood, melamine or metal to match or coordinate with the interior of your base cabinets.

2. Install Fruit & Vegetable Baskets

Including a specific place to store non-refrigerated fruits & vegetables in your kitchen is a great idea. There are a variety of options to choose from including plastic or wicker baskets. They can be installed behind closed doors or out in the open for easy access.


3. Maximize small areas with a spice/condiment pullout

Pre-fabricated condiment rollouts are available in 3″, 6″, 9″ and 12″ widths so even “fillers” can be converted into functional storage. Including this accessory can free up an upper cabinet and allow the cook to easily see what is on hand.


4. Accessorize single door cabinets with specialized pullouts

A 12″ wide single door cabinet with a single shelf stores very little. But include a pullout like the ones above and your supplies will be super organized. Manufactures offer these pullouts customized to store knives, utensils, canisters, linens, condiments, bottles and more.


5. Install stainless steel racks for a commercial feel

Commercial kitchens are great for inspiration when designing your residential kitchen. In the first example, stainless steel pullout racks conveniently  house pots & pans. In the second example, an avid home baker received a “cooling” cabinet with the addition of multiple metal racks in a cabinet with the doors  removed.


6. Include vertical dividers to organize baking trays

Vertical dividers will corral all of your tall narrow items. By using the full depth of a base cabinet you could also double up on the dividers and store everything from cake pans to cutting boards.


7. Install a mix master lift up shelf

Homeowners often say they do not use their mix master as much as they would like to because it is awkward to store. A specially designed lift up shelf will take the weight of a heavy stand mixer and is ready to pop into place at a moments notice.


8. Install a trash can with a lid

For everyday non-recyclable trash, choose a small trash can with a lid. The lid helps to keep odors at bay and contains the messy kitchen garbage. This item is best installed in the Prep Zone.


9. Include a recycling center

Almost every city  has a recycling program, so including a way to sort recyclables in the kitchen makes good sense. Every possible combination of bins is available, so it is easy to include one in any kitchen design.


10. Design Custom Pullouts for individual needs

If the accessory you require to make your kitchen as functional as possible is not available, work with your kitchen designer to develop a custom solution. The possibilities are endless!


As you can see, there is no reason to live with non-functioning base cabinets in your kitchen. Whether you have an existing kitchen or are planning your dream kitchen, Vestabul can help you realize the most functional solution possible. Check out our design options to see what service will work best for you.







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