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The annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show was held in Orlando, Florida earlier this month. This show has run for over 50 years and is the voice of the kitchen and bath industry. Every year, leading brands come to the show to show off their newest innovations and trends. Functionality was a big trend at the show and Vestabul was on the look out for the latest and greatest. Here are our functional highlights.

Interior cabinet accessories are always on our radar and this year the brand REV-A-SHELF really stepped up.


This year they introduced a line of interior cabinet accessories in grey. The color grey has been trending for a while for cabinet doors and drawer fronts and this line of accessories will compliment this trend perfectly. At Vestabul we believe that the insides of your cabinets should look as good as the outsides. By producing a whole collection of coordinating interior accessories the designer and homeowner can get a coordinated look inside and out.

Some of the specific accessories that caught our eye were a “Cloud” corner cabinet organizer that swings out of a blind corner giving access to the products stored in the back; A deep drawer dish organizer that allows you to conveniently store dishware below the counter; A pantry pullout basket system that eliminates the center stile giving better access to your food stuffs and allowing larger items to be stored on the unit, and a 12″ wide pullout system that makes great use of a narrow kitchen cabinet.


To complement the grey accessories, REV-A-SHELF also introduced a variety of black walnut accessories. This wood embarks an upscale feel to the kitchen, making opening a drawer with these accessories a luxurious experience. Some of the black walnut items on display included a dish drawer peg system, cutlery & utensil dividers and my favorite, a knife holder. What was unique about this knife holder was that it allows the homeowner to store long and short knifes within the same system with larger slots at the front of the drawer and smaller slots at the back.


Dealing with trash is always top of mind when designing a kitchen and new systems were being showcased at KBIS.

The theme at the show was “large” when I came to dealing with trash. In the past most trash systems included small bins that required frequent emptying. Finally manufactures are producing trash containers for consumers true needs. A few favorites were the double bins that coordinated with the grey/walnut look of the accessories featured above; large “industrial” sized single bins that can take a lot of weight, (available in smooth and textured stainless steel finishes); and a triple bin system that could handle most kitchen’s recycling needs.


Composting food waste is also becoming a reality in many homes and once again REV-A-SHELF stepped up with a great solution. They featured a compost bin called “Compokeeper” that easily contains compost and includes a built-in filter to deal with odors.


Cabinet interior accessories were not the only place that function was being added to kitchens. A trend Vestabul sees emerging for kitchen design is open display functionality. A couple of examples seen were  shelves with clip-on accessories. With floating open shelves still going strong in kitchen design, these accessories add additional organization. Our favorite was a display that featured an entire wall in shelves and shelf accessories. This would be a great small space solutions since very little depth is needed for this installation. A traditional place to include this type of organization is on an open wall above the kitchen sink. This display showed stainless steel shelves that coordinate with the manufacturers sinks and include the bonus of functional organization.


Vestabul has always thought of the sink as the “Water Appliance” and manufactures were adding functionality to sinks on the show floor to make them water appliances. Here are a couple of our favorites. The first was an eye catching orange farmhouse sink with an accessory ledge. The sink could be under mounted into the counter and the ledge provided a resting point for a variety of accessories. On display was a teak cutting board and a stainless steel condiment bin. The second example would be at home in a large contemporary kitchen and featured a 6′ long under mounted unit that could be customized to the home owners needs. This truly was a water appliance that could take on any kitchen prep and clean-up tasks thrown at it.


The above products were only a small example of what was on display at the KBIS show this year. Check in over the next few weeks to see some other products and trends that caught our eye!




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