The Top 10 ways to Craft a Craftsman Kitchen

Once you have worked out the function of your new kitchen it is time to incorporate details to make it yours. One way to do that is through stylistic details. Vestabul has identified 12 different style looks that are popular décor styles for today’s kitchens. Craftsman Style is on the list and is referenced as a look that many of our clients want their kitchens to have.

The following are the Top 10 ways to get Craftsman Style in your Kitchen.

1. Pick the Right Door Style


A Craftsman kitchen will typically include Shaker styled door fronts. The common feature of a Shaker door is a recessed center panel and a square or shaker inside edge on the stiles and rails. Often the outside edge of the door will have a slight bevel or it could be square. Additional details such as wider stiles & rails, an extra center stile or a bead board panel can all enhance the Shaker door.


2. Add Glass Doors Accents

Glass doors can break up a long run of cabinetry and offer a great display space. Additional detail can be created by adding mullions to the top of the door or by including custom stained glass panels.


3. Detail the Back of Your Island

Small details go a long way so ensure that some type of embellishment is included on the back and side of your island. Custom panels are always an option or you can use standard pieces such as shaker doors to echo a paneled look.


4. Install an Arch

Craftsman styled arches can be incorporated into many different areas of your kitchen. To give your kitchen a furniture feel include a plinth arch in the kick space of your base cabinets. When you need to shield a light fixture, instead of a specifying a straight piece of wood have it fabricated into an arch.


5. Make Your Hood a Focal Point

By covering the ventilation system with a custom wood hood you will bring a Craftsman detail to your kitchen design and produce a focal point in the room. Choose details such as arches, baton board and bead board for an authentic look.


6. Include Some Bead Board

Bead board is a simple way to add detail to a Craftsman kitchen. The grooves and beads in this type of paneling add texture to any area that it is applied to.


7. Use Craftsman Styled Posts

Posts are used a lot in Craftsman design and are the perfect solution to support counter over hangs. Have your posts detailed by tapering them or adding a plinth block to the bottom.


8. Frame Cabinets with Pilasters

Pilasters can be used to frame both base and upper cabinetry. They are a detail that can finish the end of a cabinet run or accent a specific cabinet in the design.


9. Accent with Apothecary Drawers

Apothecary drawers add a nice Craftsman detail and are also very functional. In today’s kitchens they are a great way to organize small items such as spices or table accessories.


10. Specify the Right Hardware

Decorative hardware is always the finishing touch in a kitchen. For a Craftsman styled kitchen look for metal hardware that has a hand forged look for authenticity. For hardware shape, a simple knob or handle will always be appropriate. To add some fun to your kitchen look for bell styled pulls for drawers or even name plate library pulls.


As you can see it is the details that can make a kitchen stand out. Stay tuned for more explorations of kitchen styles in upcoming blogs. In the mean time,  Vestabul is always here to help you make your kitchen as beautiful as it is functional!

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    1. Designer @ VestabulDesigner @ Vestabul Post author

      A lot of Craftsman styled kitchens are produced with stained wood cabinetry, but we have design in this look using light painted cabinets. What is so great is that there is something out there for everyone!

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