Mud & Laundry Rooms

Adding functionality to the rooms that we often close the door on can be game changers. Well-designed laundry rooms and mudrooms can really make home life easier. Vestabul believes that these spaces need as much design attention as any other room in the home.

Keep it in Line

This single wall laundry room off the kitchen was designed for a Street of Dreams home and offers all the function that a family needs. By raising the washer and dryer all users can easily access them. The two base cabinets beside the sink are pullout laundry hampers and the hanging rod above provides the perfect spot for drip drying.

Down Under

A lower level laundry room need not be a dark and dingy space. This laundry was placed at the entrance of a lower level stairwell and included windows and glass doors The ultra efficient space includes front loading machines with folding counter, upper cabinet storage, a long hanging rod and deep sink. The additional counter space is great for craft or school projects.


Sleek Combo

Combining the laundry room with a mud room is a great design solution. This  lower level combination laundry/mud room is the perfect place to enter the home with wet or snow covered children or pets. Multiple counter surfaces and bench seating can accommodate all of the room’s activities. Flat paneled doors were a good choice for the rooms cabinetry because they are easy to wipe down. Quartz was used for the bench seat for a lifetime of durability.


Family Friendly

Often the mudroom/laundry room is the space that the family walks through to enter the rest of the home. To make it a pleasurable experience everyday Vestabul designed the millwork to have a furniture feel to it. The room is also packed full of storage solutions so that there is a place for everything for this busy family.


Making it Count

Making every inch of space count in this compact laundry room was the ask of Vestabul. The final design included pullout laundry bins below the folding counter, extra deep upper cabinets above the washer & dryer, pull out drawers below the washer & dryer and a small hanging rod mounted above the sink. Since the door to this room is often left open the space also needed to look great. Mission accomplished!


Hang in There


Custom solutions can solve every day problems. These homeowners had a large laundry room but didn’t want to include a standard plastic hanging rack. Vestabul designed on in cherry wood to coordinate with the rest of the room for a coordinated look. What a pleasure it is to do laundry in this well appointed room.