Why Us

The Top Ten reasons to choose Vestabul 

#10  Trends Knowledge

Vestabul attends design trade shows globally to keep abreast of emerging trends in the home design industry and shares this information with clients. An in-the-know designer ensures your project will be a unique showpiece not a generic design!

#9 Professionally Trained

Vestabul’s lead designer received much of her kitchen & bath training through the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Her learnings from the certified kitchen & bath designer courses guide the technical aspect of all her designs ensuring your design follows recommended kitchen and bath design guidelines. 

#8 Product Knowledge

Vestabul has participated in multiple product knowledge sessions around the world. Visiting manufacturing facility allows Vestabul to gain valuable insights on products that are passed on to you!

#7 Cost Savings

Kitchens and baths are the two most expensive rooms in the home to produce and mistakes can be very costly. By hiring Vestabul you will save money on your project due to their attention to detail on documentation and professional advise on how to proceed with your project.

#6 Award Winning

Vestabul has been awarded by the home design industry for many of their designs. To be acknowledged by the design industry for award winning work is a designers dream and proves to you that they can realize your dream space as well!

#5 Industry Involvement

Vestabul’s principle, Jan Rutgers, has been a leader in the home design business for her entire career. Her involvement in the National Kitchen & Bath Industry and the Canadian Home Builders Association as a board member benefits her clients as much as her. Her extensive network enables her to get the answer to any question you may have about your space!

#4 Passion

To excel in an area, a person has to be passionate about what they do. Vestabul is all about changing peoples lives through the functional and beautiful design of their spaces. Follow us on Instagram to see how this passion for design weaves through everything we do.

#3 Design Software

Vestabul uses an industry leading software program to produce all of their design drawings. The software produces floorplans, elevations, line perspectives and colored perspectives to illustrate all aspects of the design. The drawings link together to ensure accuracy for all of the trades working on your project. 

#2 Design Process

Vestabul developed and employs  a proven Design Process to take clients step by step through the design of their spaces. Every project covers the four main areas of Research, Concept, Preliminary Design and Final Design. This process ensures that you always know what to expect at every stage of the design process.

#1 Virtual Reality Technology

Many of Vestabul’s Design packages include a VR rendering so that clients can experience their spaces before construction begins. Vestabul understands that design you can see is invaluable when you are investing in your home.

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