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This week I wanted to share with you a Blog I wrote for the software design company 2020 Spaces entitled: Website Design Strategies – 5 Tips For Kitchen and Bath Designers

I have used the 2020 Design software in my Kitchen Design practice since 1998 and have loved the flexibility it has offered my business.

2020 helps professional designers, retailers and manufacturers in the interior design and furniture industries capture ideas, inspire innovation and streamline processes.

By providing end-to-end solutions and the world’s largest collection of manufacturers’ catalogs, 2020 provides businesses with the software and content to be more efficient, integrated and productive.

2020 applications allow professional designers to create kitchens, bathrooms, closets and commercial offices which look as stunning on the screen as they do in reality.

I am thrilled to have been chosen as their first Guest Blogger!

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Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 3

For those of you who follow me, you know that I look at Kitchen Design from three view points.

The Art of Kitchen Design, The Science of Kitchen Design and The Business of Kitchen Design.

In Part 1 of this series we looked at the Art of Kitchen Design & Appliances and in Part 2 we looked at the Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances.

In Part 3 we will look at the Business of Kitchen Design & Appliances so you can combine all three and no longer have appliances driving you crazy!

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Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 2

Last week on the VESTA Blog, I covered The Art of Design & Appliances, “Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 1”

We looked at the 4 categories of Kitchen Appliances and the variety of finishes available for appliances.

Helping your clients make the decision to choose Free Standing Appliances, Built-in Appliances, Integrated Appliances or Pro-style Appliances is the first step in the Art of Design & Appliances.

Once that decision is made you then need to help them chose the best finish for the appliances, but to really advise and guide your client through the maze of appliance choices you need to understand:

The Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances

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Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 1

When I was developing the concept for VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, I interviewed multiple Designers to find out what they needed to excel as Kitchen Designers.

Time and time again I heard

Help me with Appliances!

With the variety of appliance brands and types available in the market constantly increasing, appliances are becoming a more and more important element in Kitchen Design.

Due to this chaos of choice, the Kitchen Designer needs to take the lead on appliances for a successful project.

Read on to see how VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN is committed to helping Designers do just that!

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10 Ways to Craft a Craftsman Style Kitchen

The Craftsman Style Kitchen has become a classic over the past several years.

It is a style that many consumers are comfortable with due to its clean lines and simple details.

The key to a great Craftsman Style Kitchen is these details. Without them the design can look a bit flat.

Once you have worked out the function of your client’s kitchen and the décor style choice is Craftsman, it is time to add some details.

Read on to see my Top 10 Ways to Craft a Craftsman Style Kitchen!

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How to Determine Your Client’s Kitchen Budget

One of the most common questions Kitchen Designers are asked at the first meeting with a prospective client is:

“How much is my new kitchen going to cost?”

The Kitchen Designer will often reply:

“How much do you want to spend?”

This cheeky response is a question the Kitchen Designer needs answered, but most consumers can not confidently answer it.

As a Professional Kitchen Designer it is up to you to educate the consumer so they can give you a realistic budget for their Kitchen Design project.

Let me show you how!

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Design Solutions Spotlight: Expanding a Small Kitchen

In the first installment of Design Solutions Spotlight we looked a Small Kitchen Renovation that was budget conscious. The final design stayed within the existing walls and the major mechanical systems did not change.

In this Blog we will look at how that same kitchen could be redesigned if two walls were removed and the kitchen was opened up to the rest of the living space.

We will once again focus on functional solutions for the redesigned of this space.

If you would like to view a video that discusses this kitchen design, you can pop over to our VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN Facebook page and view “Design Solutions Spotlight: Episode 2”. Don’t forget to Like and Follow us when you visit!

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The Top 10 Design Solutions for Kitchen Pantries

The COVID pandemic has shown us that it pays to be prepared. A fully stocked pantry is no longer a luxury but a necessity!

Many Kitchen Designs of the past had forgone pantries due to the convivence of purchasing food daily.

With once a week or even once a month food shopping now becoming the norm, the Kitchen Designer needs to find solutions to include pantries in all her Kitchen Designs.

Follow along to learn my Top 10 Pantry Solutions you can begin incorporating into your Kitchen Designs today!

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How to Elevate Your Kitchen Designs with Mouldings

With the cost of cabinetry, countertops, appliances and plumbing fixtures constantly increasing, it is becoming more difficult for Kitchen Designers to develop show stopping projects on a budget.

The solution to this is to integrate mouldings into your Kitchen Designs.

With a background in both Kitchen Design and Moulding Product Design & Development, I have seen how Kitchens and Mouldings are a perfect match.

Follow along to see how you can use simple mouldings to bring the WOW factor to all your Kitchen Design projects, including the budget ones.

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Design Solutions Spotlight: Small Kitchen Renovation

At VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, our mantra is “Form Follows Function”, meaning we recommend Kitchen Designers focus on the functional layout of the space as a first step in the design process.

Getting the function of the room right is so important. If wonderful finishes are chosen for a space but it does not function, it will never be your client’s dream kitchen.

In this series of VESTA blogs, we will look at a variety of kitchen spaces pointing out the functional solutions implemented.

This first Design Solution Spotlight looks at a typical small kitchen layout.

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Cabinetry Design Beyond the Kitchen

As homeowners request more open concept kitchens and designers oblige, the downside can be a loss of traditional storage.

The wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room typically housed a hutch or sideboard supplementing kitchen storage.

With this wall gone, the Kitchen Designer needs to look for alternative areas to provide storage for these items.

Read on to get inspired for storage solutions beyond the kitchen in your next open concept design.

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Why You Need Training in Kitchen Design

When people ask me why I founded VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, I have a simple answer.

“To train and mentor people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry.”

To excel at anything you need to be constantly learning.

The Kitchen Design Industry is very complicated and initial training plus ongoing learning is what will set you apart and take you to the top of your career.

Read on to get the answers …

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