A Complete Guide to Jobs in Kitchen Design

Working as a Kitchen Design Professional is an exciting and rewarding career.  It is also a career that can compensate well.

The average reported salary of Kitchen Designers in North America is just over $50,000.00 per year with many top designers making $100,000.00 plus per year.

There are several paths you can take to realize your dream of becoming a Kitchen Design Professional.

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Highlights of a Kitchen Designer’s own Kitchens

As a Kitchen Designer I am often asked this question during a kitchen design project:

“What would you do if this was your kitchen?”

A Kitchen Designers job is to advise and do what is best for the client and I always respond “I am designing your dream kitchen not mine so let’s figure out the best solution for you.”

But in this blog I’m going to share with you some of the things that I did do!

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The Best Condiment Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Designs

People have been using their kitchens much more than usual during the COVID-19 shut down. They have also been visiting the grocery store less often, meaning they are stocking up on food stuffs.

These new habits may entail different types of food products being purchased, or the doubling up on frequently used items.

The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly change the cooking and storage habits of many homeowners. As a kitchen designer you will need to be thinking of ways to improve the storage capacity and function in your kitchen designs to address client’s changing needs.

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The Best Design Process for Kitchen Designers

Often, I see designers jump into a kitchen design project for a client without the information they need to produce a successful design.

Starting to “design” the project the moment you walk into the existing kitchen is not the best way to proceed. Even though you may see possibilities of moving the fridge to another wall, or expanding a window to bring in more light or even knocking down a wall to open up the space, you first need to do your homework.

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+ Kitchen design color board

The Top Decor Styles Consumers Want for Their Kitchens

Design trends are always evolving, but it is important for the kitchen designer to be on top of decor styles popular with consumers, not just with what the design world dictates.

Every year surveys are conducted by companies such as Houzz and organizations like The National Kitchen & Bath Association, to determine the most popular decor styles for kitchens. Both consumers and kitchen design professionals participate.

Every year I will look at these surveys and analyze them to understand what consumers are really looking for in their kitchen decor.

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+ Kitchen Designer planning marketing strategy

Marketing Your Kitchen Design Business

There are many ways to market your Kitchen Design Business, and successful designers will develop an overall strategy for their marketing plan.

The goal of marketing is to attract new clients to your business, and a good way to do this is to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The purpose of this article is not to develop a marketing strategy for your kitchen design business but to show you an example of an element you should add to it.

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Top 10 Ways to add Function to Your Client’s Sink Area

For many years not much thought was put into the placement and design of the kitchen sink area. Typically a double bowl, top mounted, stainless steel sink was specified and it was centered under a window. There was not much more to do and as the Kitchen Designer, your job was done.

Today there are so many more choices for sink configurations, and centering it under the window is no longer a rule. There are also multiple ways to accessorize the sink area to get maximum functionality, so let me show you how.

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+ Getting the right team

Has your Client Assembled the Right Team for their Dream Kitchen Project?

The kitchen industry is a multi billion dollar industry with many players involved in the process. Consumers are often at a loss as to whom to hire to get the kitchen of their dreams.

Where does the consumer start when choosing their Dream Kitchen team?

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Do Kitchen Designers Only Work on High-End Projects?

When you are starting out as a Kitchen Designer it can be intimidating to see online posts of completed kitchens only featuring high end projects. It gives you the impression that Kitchen Designers only do luxury projects, leaving you to think…

How will I ever be able to break into the industry?

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Has HGTV Helped or Hurt the Kitchen Design Industry?

Many people in the home design and renovation business like to bash HGTV home design programs, with many of their complaints being valid.

It is true that you cannot complete a full kitchen renovation in a weekend and a to-the-studs gut of the main level of a house cost more than $5000.00. Also, pros identify structural issues before the project starts, not in the middle of it.

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Thinking about design details in general, the typical designer go-to is to combine items in odd numbers. For example, when accessorizing an open shelf, designers will include 3 or 5 items rather than 2 or 4. When it comes to functional design though, pairs are often the most functional and can be very aesthetically pleasing.

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A Complete Guide to Design Fees for Kitchen Designers

Knowing what to charge for your design services is an important aspect of becoming a professional kitchen designer. For consumers, hiring a professional kitchen designer is a wise investment. The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the home to put together and mistakes are costly. So, professional advice is a good idea.

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