How to Elevate Your Kitchen Designs with Mouldings

With the cost of cabinetry, countertops, appliances and plumbing fixtures constantly increasing, it is becoming more difficult for Kitchen Designers to develop show stopping projects on a budget.

The solution to this is to integrate mouldings into your Kitchen Designs.

With a background in both Kitchen Design and Moulding Product Design & Development, I have seen how Kitchens and Mouldings are a perfect match.

Follow along to see how you can use simple mouldings to bring the WOW factor to all your Kitchen Design projects, including the budget ones.

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Design Solutions Spotlight: Small Kitchen Renovation

At VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, our mantra is “Form Follows Function”, meaning we recommend Kitchen Designers focus on the functional layout of the space as a first step in the design process.

Getting the function of the room right is so important. If wonderful finishes are chosen for a space but it does not function, it will never be your client’s dream kitchen.

In this series of VESTA blogs, we will look at a variety of kitchen spaces pointing out the functional solutions implemented.

This first Design Solution Spotlight looks at a typical small kitchen layout.

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Cabinetry Design Beyond the Kitchen

As homeowners request more open concept kitchens and designers oblige, the downside can be a loss of traditional storage.

The wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room typically housed a hutch or sideboard supplementing kitchen storage.

With this wall gone, the Kitchen Designer needs to look for alternative areas to provide storage for these items.

Read on to get inspired for storage solutions beyond the kitchen in your next open concept design.

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Why You Need Training in Kitchen Design

When people ask me why I founded VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, I have a simple answer.

“To train and mentor people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry.”

To excel at anything you need to be constantly learning.

The Kitchen Design Industry is very complicated and initial training plus ongoing learning is what will set you apart and take you to the top of your career.

Read on to get the answers …

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How to Specify a Coffee Center in Your Kitchen Designs

There is not doubt that a great cup of coffee is an important part of many people’s day.

The influence of the corner coffee shop has consumers asking for this experience at home.

While most of your clients will have a standard coffee maker, you can take things to the next level and include a designated area for coffee preparation in their new kitchen.

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10 Ways to Accessorize Base Cabinets in Your Kitchen Designs

With the trend towards eliminating upper cabinetry in kitchen design, the functionality of base cabinets becomes even more important.

A standard base cabinet with an upper drawer and an adjustable shelf will not cut it.

As a Professional Kitchen Designer, you can show your clients multiple options to increase the functionality of the base cabinets you specify.

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Why to Include Kitchen Zones in your Kitchen Designs

Most homeowners thinking about a new kitchen immediately start collecting images of how the space will look. The lure of shiny quartz counters, pro appliances and modern cabinet doors are hard to resist.

It becomes the responsibility of the Kitchen Designer to help them take a step back and focus on the function of the space to produce the best possible design.

This does not mean that aesthetics do not matter because they do, but a kitchen that doesn’t function will never be a client’s dream kitchen.

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+ renovated kitchen's view from dining room

Kitchen Design Case Study: Rental Revitalization

Vestabul Design Case Studies will explore projects designed by Professional Kitchen Designers. Specific design solutions developed for the client, along with unique details will be highlighted.

Case studies are a great way to get ideas to incorporate into your future kitchen design projects.

By studying how other Professional Kitchen Designers implement solutions you increase your design skills. The following is the first case study of many that will be featured on the VESTA Blog.

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Kitchen Design Trends Designers should be presenting to their Clients

Kitchen Designers need to be on top of everything trending in Kitchen Design to best serve their clients.

Not every client will want a “Trendy” Kitchen but you should be prepared to offer suggestions to your clients to make sure their new kitchen is not dated the moment they move back in to it.

Here are the Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends that Kitchen Designers need to be presenting to their clients.

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A Complete Guide to Jobs in Kitchen Design

Working as a Kitchen Design Professional is an exciting and rewarding career.  It is also a career that can compensate well.

The average reported salary of Kitchen Designers in North America is just over $50,000.00 per year with many top designers making $100,000.00 plus per year.

There are several paths you can take to realize your dream of becoming a Kitchen Design Professional.

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Highlights of a Kitchen Designer’s own Kitchens

As a Kitchen Designer I am often asked this question during a kitchen design project:

“What would you do if this was your kitchen?”

A Kitchen Designers job is to advise and do what is best for the client and I always respond “I am designing your dream kitchen not mine so let’s figure out the best solution for you.”

But in this blog I’m going to share with you some of the things that I did do!

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The Best Condiment Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Designs

People have been using their kitchens much more than usual during the COVID-19 shut down. They have also been visiting the grocery store less often, meaning they are stocking up on food stuffs.

These new habits may entail different types of food products being purchased, or the doubling up on frequently used items.

The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly change the cooking and storage habits of many homeowners. As a kitchen designer you will need to be thinking of ways to improve the storage capacity and function in your kitchen designs to address client’s changing needs.

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