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How to Elevate Your Kitchen Designs with Mouldings

A great way to differentiate your Kitchen Designs is through the use of mouldings. See how these simple trim pieces can bring a WOW factor to your next design.


Design Solutions Spotlight: Small Kitchen Renovation

To become a better Kitchen Designer you need to study design solutions. The DESIGN SOLUTIONS SPOTLIGHT series will highlight a variety of functional design solutions from Professional Kitchen Designers. Check out our first in this series here.


Cabinetry Design Beyond the Kitchen

When the walls come down during a kitchen renovation some valuable storage space can be lost. See how you can get creative and incorporate that lost storage in your client’s kitchen design.


Why You Need Training in Kitchen Design

Training for the Kitchen Designer is more important now than ever. With so many homeowners looking to upgrade their homes, well educated Kitchen Design Professionals will be in demand. Read on to see how you can get the skills and knowledge to become a Professional Kitchen Designer.


How to Specify a Coffee Center in Your Kitchen Designs

A coffee center is the ideal addition to many of today’s kitchens. Learn how you can include one in your next project and delight your coffee loving client!


10 Ways to Accessorize Base Cabinets in Your Kitchen Designs

With the popularity of kitchens with no upper cabinetry, the functionality of the base cabinets needs to be increased. Read on to see my top 10 ideas to get the most functionality out of the base cabinets you specify.

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Kitchen Design Case Study: Rental Revitalization

A great way to gain knowledge in the world of Kitchen Design is to look at case studies. By studying how other Professional Kitchen Designers implement solutions increases your design skills. The following is the first case study of many that will be featured on the VESTA Blog.


Kitchen Design Trends Designers should be presenting to their Clients

It is important for a Kitchen Designer to be up on things trending in design to best advise their clients. This post highlights the Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends you should be presenting to your clients.


Highlights of a Kitchen Designer’s own Kitchens

Kitchen Designers see all the trends and like to experiment when they design their own personal kitchens. In this blog I answer the question “What would you do if this was your kitchen?”


The Best Condiment Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen Designs

Professional Kitchen Designers are experts in presenting functional solutions to their clients. Read on to see how they tackle storing condiments stylishly in today’s kitchens.


The Best Design Process for Kitchen Designers

To be successful as a Kitchen Designer you need to have a design process.  Without one you will be spending a lot of time with no results.  Start using this process today to increase your closing rate on your Kitchen Designs.

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The Top Decor Styles Consumers Want for Their Kitchens

Knowing the kitchen decor styles preferred by consumers will put you ahead of the competition. Check out the following to become familiar with the popular kitchen decor styles for 2020.