We are celebrating at VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN! Our founder, Jan Rutgers has been selected as one of the Top Innovators for 2020 in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. Check out the article here: https://www.kitchenbathdesign.com/jan-rutgers/


VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN is here to instruct you in the Science, the Art and the Business of Kitchen Design.

You may have been thinking about training for a creative career, you may already be involved in the kitchen industry in some form, or you may be a homeowner that is about to undertake the big job of designing a kitchen. 

All of you are welcome here and there will be a lot of inspiration no matter where you are on your kitchen design journey.

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Kitchen Design Courses

VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, led by master kitchen designer Jan Rutgers, is where you will learn the basics of kitchen design through to advanced kitchen design concepts. Jan has developed these courses to guide you through your entire career in kitchen design allowing you to positively change peoples lives!

Consulting and One-on-One Training

Take your kitchen design career or that of your employees to the next level with personal coaching from Jan. Her proven process for individual designers will be available soon with corporate program development available now.

Kitchen Design Blog

The Roman goddess Vesta is the inspiration for VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN’S blog. Check in often to read about topics on The Science of Kitchen Design, The Art of Kitchen Design, The Business of Kitchen Design, Products I Love, and A Kitchen Designer’s Life.

The Art of Kitchen Design

Everyone wants a beautiful looking kitchen. The Art of Kitchen Design posts will provide aesthetic inspiration for your kitchen designs and keep you updated on the latest trends… read more.

The Science of Kitchen Design

The backbone of a successful kitchen design practice is the Science of Kitchen Design. Posts under this category will explore the functional and technical aspects of great kitchen design…read more.

The Business of Kitchen Design

To have a successful kitchen design practice you will need to understand the business of kitchen design. Check in regularly here to get tips on running your kitchen design business… read more.

Here’s what our students are saying…

Charlene Smith, Kickstart by Design

“I watched “Common Errors in Kitchen Design” today. Very concise and informative! I’m fairly new to the kitchen design game so I was captivated to see what your changes were going to be. I enjoyed it. I think the format and process of teaching works very well. I actually used the tip about the uppers with my shop manager today!”

Rhonda Schissler

“Thank you, Jan, for being such an inspiration. Your knowledge and ease to share with others is remarkable, and I consider you a mentor.”

Elizabeth Keeling-Carreau

It’s been awhile since I learned that much in one day. Jan is nothing short of amazing. She has such a deep understanding of everything in the kitchen design business. Thanks Jan for your time, intelligence, and inspiration.

You can start your journey with me
into the world of kitchen design by:

Any of these would be the perfect first step to kick-starting or revitalizing your career as a professional kitchen designer.

Jan Rutgers, B.Sc. H.Ec.