Questions You Must Ask Your Kitchen Design Client

Many designers new to kitchen design, will want to dive into designing their client’s space as soon as possible.

There is a lot to be said for enthusiasm, but you really need to sit back and formulate a plan. 

That plan begins with asking your client some questions.

There are many questions that you may want to ask, such as:

  • What cabinet style do you want?
  • What finish do you want for your countertop?
  • Do you want a pro style range?

But, these questions so early on in the process may not be the best way to start.  

In this post I want to explore the 5 questions every kitchen designer needs to ask before they embark on designing their client’s dream kitchen.

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Vestabul School of Design’s Icon Courses

New skills and knowledge are needed to start a career in Kitchen design, or to continue to the top of the Kitchen design profession.

I developed the online school, Vestabul School of Design, to help people passionate about the Kitchen industry.

Courses are offered under these categories:

Icon courses focus on a variety of topics you can implement immediately with your clients.

They are quick learnings that can be viewed in one sitting or whenever you have a few spare minutes, since they are presented in 3 to 5 minute video modules.

You will return to them often to catch all the tips!

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The Influence of Appliance Manufacturers on Kitchen Design: Part 2

Last week I posted about an appliance display I visited at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show earlier this year.

G.E. Appliances showcased their premium brand, Monogram through displays of 3 unique lifestyle displays.

They were:

  • Villa Monogram Farm
  • Villa Monogram Mountain
  • Villa Monogram Beach

Each of these displays highlighted great design ideas the Kitchen designer would want to incorporate into their designs.

And in my opinion, these appliance manufacturer’s displays will be influencing Kitchen Design in the future.

Read on to see additional displays and highlights from that booth.

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The Influence of Appliance Manufacturers on Kitchen Design

While putting the finishing touches on my FREE Appliance workshop, which you can register for at the end of this blog, I came across the pics I took at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) earlier this year.

It got me thinking about the influence on overall Kitchen design that appliance manufactures have.

Having attended several design tradeshows over the years , KBIS 2022 stands out for me as a show that appliance manufactures really shined.

The approach to Kitchen design in one of the appliance manufactures booths really broke the boundaries of “contemporary” Kitchen design.

Let’s have a look!

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Case Study: Appliances at the Willow Project Part 2

In my last VESTA Blog post, I outlined the process of how I chose the appliances for the townhomes at a heritage site renovation called the Willows.

The inspiration for the design of these units came from a trip I had taken to the EuroCucina show in Milan, Italy.

Using images I snapped at that show, I presented my design direction to the developers and received approval for the look and feel of the project’s interiors.

The next step was to develop the layout of the spaces, specifically the Kitchens.

With this accomplished, it was time to begin specifying the specific products for each unit.

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Case Study: Appliances at the Willow Project

The Willow project was a renovation of a heritage site that converted a church site into 3 town homes, a garden suite and two coach houses.

It was a very rewarding project that won the Western Canada Design Excellent award for a “Living in Place Kitchen” and placed in the “Large Contemporary Kitchen “ and the “Large Bathroom” categories.

A very important part of this mini-multi was the appliances choices.

In the next 2 VESTA Blogs, I will walk you through how the appliances were specified for this project to show you my process.

Let’s start with the townhouses.

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Case Study: Choosing Appliances for a Mid-Priced Kitchen Renovation

Appliances are a large part of any Kitchen design, and as a professional Kitchen Designer you are in the best position to help your clients choose the best ones for their project.

With the almost infinite choices available to your clients, you need to help them sort through the options to meet their cooking, storing and cleaning needs, their investment figure, and their decor style.

This VESTA Blog will walk you through a case study on choosing appliances for a mid-priced Kitchen renovation.

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Comparing Standard vs Flush Mounted Appliances

When selecting built-in appliances for your Kitchen design projects, there is a lot to consider.

First is how the unit functions and second is how it looks.

Once you and your client have narrowed in on all the features they want in a specific appliance, you will then turn to how it looks within their design.

In today’s VESTA Blog post I will focus on how the appliance looks, specifically how it is installed into the cabinetry.

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The Custom Hood in Popular Kitchen Décor Styles

Appliances are an important part of Kitchen design.

Because of this I have been focusing my posts on appliances for the last several weeks in anticipation of launching a FREE workshop on appliances.

Before you read on, spend a few seconds and register for my appliance workshop to be updated on dates and times.

Specifying a custom hood for your client’s kitchen is the ideal way to focus the décor style of the room and to produce a focal point.

The hood is an element in Kitchen Design that you as the Kitchen Designer, are best suited to design and specify. 

In this post, I want to present a variety of hood designs to represent the Art of Kitchen Design in popular décor styles.

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A Case Study: Appliances in a Custom Kitchen

Appliances play a very important roll in Kitchen design.

In my private design business a discussion of the client’s appliance “wants” is always part of the initial needs assessment.

In this VESTA Blog post I want to walk you through a case study on appliance choices for a new home build.

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The Kitchen Designer and the Appliance Manufacturer

Appliances are an important part of every Kitchen Design.

With the chaos of choice in appliances I am often asked by other designers:

How can I learn more about appliance brands?

My answer is”

Participate in appliance manufacturer’s designer tours.

Appliance manufactures rely on Kitchen Designers to educate the consumer as part of their sales funnel.

Even though many Kitchen Designers do not sell appliances directly to their clients, they can have a huge influence on what appliances the homeowner purchases for their space.

Read on to hear about my experiences on manufacturer designer tours.

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Getting the Dishwasher Right in Your Kitchen Designs

In anticipation of launching my appliance workshop this fall, I have been devoting my weekly VESTA Blog to everything appliances.

Today I want to tackle the dishwasher.

While many Kitchen Designers may not think twice about the dishwasher, and always specify a stainless steel model beside the sink, there are choices.

Read on to see how you can place or specify a dishwasher to really meet the needs of your client.

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