How to Select & Position Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

In the mid nineties, I attended my first Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Chicago.

It was extremely inspiring for me, and one thing that stuck out was the variety of decorative cabinet hardware that was on display.

I wrote an article for my local NKBA chapter describing cabinet hardware as the jewelry that put the finishing touch on your Kitchen design.

This was a big discovery for me since the cabinet line I was working with at the time arrived with decorative hardware already attached to the doors and drawers!

That trip began my love affair with cabinet hardware.

In today’s VESTA Blog I want to take it a step further and discuss how to select the decorative hardware for your client’s Kitchen and most importantly where to place it on the cabinets.

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15 Ways to Design a “Hidden” Kitchen

As designers, we are all aware that the Kitchen has become part of the greatroom.

Also as designers, we are always looking for new ways to design this room to work in these open spaces.

The “Hidden” Kitchen is a trend that has been creeping into Kitchen design lately and in this post I would like to explore what that entails.

Read on to learn my 15 ways to get this look!

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Kitchen Case Study: Color in a Functional Kitchen

When designing a Kitchen for a client, I always start with the function first.

I know that once we work out how the space will be used or function, the aesthetics will evolve.

In my last blog post I walked you through Function In A Colorful Room showing how the layout and function was developed for a client’s Kitchen.

Today I’ll show you how the finishes came about.

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Kitchen Case Study: Function In A Colorful Room

For those of you who have taken courses through VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, worked with me through my coaching program, or have contracted me to design your dream Kitchen, will know that my philosophy revolves around the saying:

Form Follows Function

Louis H. Sullivan, Architect

My process begins with a needs assessment to find out how my client cooks, how often they shop for food, what type of entertaining they do, along with additional needs and wants for their space.

In this Kitchen case study, that survey gave me the information I needed to develop a plan that worked perfectly for the client and their new home.

It was very apparent from my interview with them that they did not want a “cookie-cutter” Kitchen and that color was to be the star!

But before we could get to the color part, I wanted to ensure the function of the space was perfect for them.

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A Post COVID Kitchen & Greatroom Design: Part 2

In my last blog post, A Post COVID Kitchen Design: Part 1, I showed you my vision for how a family might design their kitchen after living through a pandemic.

The layout was not unusual but it incorporated design solutions to make the space function more efficiently for the family of 4.

What many of our clients have learned from the pandemic is that they need their Kitchens and Greatrooms to accommodate multiple individuals for a variety of activities happening simultaneously.

Check out the solutions I envisioned for my Post-COVID Kitchen family, and read on to see how I would design the greatroom and adjacent spaces for them.

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A Post-COVID Kitchen Design: Part 1

In February of this year I presented at the Voices from the Industry Conference at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida.

For part of the presentation I developed my version of a Post-COVID home design focusing on the Kitchen and Greatroom areas.

Thinking about how peoples lives changed during this unprecedented time, got me thinking about how Kitchen design may need to evolve.

In Part 1 of this VESTA Blog I will take you through my thought pattern on developing the Kitchen design.

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FREE Workshop Overview

This week I have launched a FREE Workshop called Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business.

The Workshop consists of three sessions covering

  • The Art of Design with Mouldings & Millwork
  • The Science of Design with Mouldings & Millwork
  • The Business of Design with Mouldings & Millwork

I developed this workshop to show Kitchen Designers how they can add this category to their business model to differentiate themselves from the competition, attract more interesting projects and increase their bottom line.

Read on for an overview of each of the sessions.

There is still time to register for the workshop so click here to get access:

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Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business

In a few weeks I will be hosting a FREE Workshop called Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business.

In preparation for the Workshop, I would like to highlight the VESTA Blogs I have written on the subject in the past several weeks.

I know that the Kitchen Designer is ideally suited to add the category of mouldings and millwork to their design practice to differentiate themselves and to increase their bottom line.

Today’s blog post will show you just some of the possibilities!

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+ Wainscot in dining area

Adding the WOW Factor to Your Designs with Wainscoting

As a Kitchen Designer, a big part of your skillset is designing with wood products.

Early on in my career I began expanding my product knowledge by incorporating mouldings and millwork into my kitchen designs.

stained wainscot trim in kitchen
A small amount of wainscot goes a long way

My first design project beyond Kitchen cabinetry featured wainscoting.

I had inserted a desk into a niche and that wainscot panel was the little something needed to tie that area into the rest of the kitchen.

The client loved it and that project gave me the confidence to expand my product offerings beyond cabinetry.

Read on to learn about the history of wainscot and how you can creatively incorporate it into your Kitchen Design Business.

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Moulding and Millwork at the Belleview Inn!

When I travel, if there is an opportunity to stay in a unique hotel I will jump at it.

As a designer, I am always curious to see how the designers have approached the hotel’s interior design. There are always lots of ideas to discover.

If I am working on a specific design project, I like to search out a boutique hotel that will inspire me.

One of my favorite types of hotel to stay at are ones that celebrate traditional mouldings and millwork.

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The Importance of Education in the Building & Design Industry

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of contributing to The Smarter Building Materials podcast with Zach Williams and Beth PopNikolov of Venveo.

We discussed that to stay ahead of competition, today’s building materials manufacturers need a way to make themselves valuable and trustworthy to customers and how CEUs (Continuing Education Units) might just be the secret ingredient to that kind of success.

While our conversation was directed at the building materials sector, it is a strategy manufactures in the design industry should also pay attention to.

I encourage you to have a listen to the podcast: All About CEU’s: The ROI of Education in Building Materials.

Today’s post is a recap of the podcast written by Smarter Building Materials Marketing.

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Confirming my 2022 Kitchen Design Trends from the KBIS Show Floor

In my last VESTA Blog, I posted on what I thought would be trending in Kitchen Design in 2022.

While attending the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2022 in Orlando, I was on the lookout for displays that reinforced my predictions.

In this week’s VESTA Blog I will let you know how that went and see if my predictions were confirmed by KBIS 2022 exhibitors.

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