Kitchen Appliances: The Science of Design

Last week we explored the Art of Design with Appliances by looking at the 4 categories of Kitchen Appliances.

Helping your clients make the decision to choose Free Standing Appliances, Built-in Appliances, Integrated Appliances, or Pro-style Appliances is the first step in the Art of Design & Appliances.

In my FREE Workshop on Appliances launching this fall, I will cover additional art of design steps for specifying appliances. You will want to check it out!

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+ custom metal hood

Kitchen Appliances: The Art of Design

When I was developing the concept for VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, I interviewed multiple Designers to find out what they needed to excel as Kitchen Designers.

Time and time again I heard

Help me with Appliances!

With the variety of appliance brands and types available in the market constantly increasing, appliances are becoming a more and more important element in Kitchen Design.

Due to this chaos of choice, the Kitchen Designer needs to take the lead on appliances for a successful project.

Read on to see how VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN is committed to helping Designers do just that!

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Revisiting Placing Wall Ovens in Your Kitchen Designs

As I have been working on developing my Appliance Workshop for this fall, I have been revisiting past VESTA Blog posts on appliances.

The Best Locations for Placing Wall Ovens in Your Kitchen Designs was my most read post, showing there is a lot of interest in appliances when it comes to Kitchen Design.

Here is that post again in case you missed it!

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+ Kitchen with appliance drawers

Revisiting Why I love Appliances as Drawers

For those of you who have worked with me, or follow my blog, know that I believe in the philosophy of

Form Follows Function

Architect, Louis Sullivan

When it comes to recommending appliances for my private clients, this philosophy is top of mind.

This is why I love Kitchen appliances as drawers!

Today, I am revisiting this popular VESTA Blog post about appliance drawers in anticipation of a FREE Workshop on Appliances that I will be releasing this fall.

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Placing the Microwave in Your Kitchen Designs

Appliances are a big part of Kitchen Design. You cannot design a Kitchen without them!

In anticipation of a free workshop I will be presenting in September, I will be devoting my blog posts in the next 6 to 8 weeks to appliances.

If you would like to be informed of when the workshop will be launched, and you are not already a subscriber, sign up here:

Today I will revisit one of my most popular VESTA Blog posts that discussed where to place the microwave in a Kitchen design.

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A Beginners Guide to Kitchen Design

Taking on the responsibility of designing another person’s Kitchen is not as easy as it looks on HGTV!

And mistakes can be costly to both the client and the designer.

VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN was founded to train, mentor and coach Kitchen designers to help them avoid mistakes and develop beautifully, functional Kitchen designs.

To this end, courses have been developed under these three areas:

  • Cornerstone Courses
  • Icon Courses
  • Pillar Courses

In today’s post I will provide an overview of our most popular Cornerstone course, A Beginners Guide to Kitchen Design.

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+ Kitchen painted yellow

Revisiting Kitchen Design Solutions from the Past: Details

For the past several weeks I have been posting Kitchen designs from the past.

All of the examples I have shared came from Kitchens I designed 10 to 20 years ago.

So far I have shared Kitchen designs featuring the following:

In this post I will conclude with details I have incorporated in my Kitchen designs that caught my eye as I scrolled through these older pics.

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Revisiting Kitchen Design Solutions from the Past: Storage

My private design practice has always revolved around developing functional solutions.

This holds true for my Kitchen design training and teaching as well.

As most of you will know, my mantra is

Form follows function

Over the years this has propelled me to continually explore different storage solutions for my clients.

In this post, I will present some of my favorite storage solutions from past Kitchen design projects.

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+ open under area for stool

Revisiting Vestabul Kitchen Design Solutions from the Past: Cabinet Accessories

Throughout my Kitchen design career I have always strived to balance function and aesthetics.

This thought pattern came about while getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics.

The program was all about the “WHY”, with students needing to justify everything we did, from why we seamed a garment a particular way, to why we placed a drawer bank in a Kitchen design.

After graduating I started my Kitchen design career following the mantra:

Form Follows Function

In today’s VESTA Blog I will revisit many of the functional solutions I incorporated into my Kitchen designs in the past.

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Revisiting Vestabul Kitchen Design Solutions from the Past: Metal Accents

In my last blog I presented design solutions for appliance placement from my Kitchen designs, circa 1999 to 2009.

Today I continue that theme looking at how I have incorporated metal accents into my designs over the years.

Exploring what other materials could be incorporated into traditional wood cabinetry is what got me started.

The following post shows my journey with metal accents.

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Revisiting Kitchen Design Solutions of the Past: Appliance Placement

I began my Kitchen Design career more than 25 years ago.

At that time, the focus was on selling boxes to new home builders more than designing functional spaces for families.

Within a year of working in the industry, I saw that things could be different and that I needed to bring more “design” to my job to inspire me to continue in this profession, and provide my clients with better solutions.

When I was scanning my images of past projects looking for a topic for my VESTA Blog post this week, I was reminded of this.

So, for my next few posts I am going to share with you some of my earlier design solutions with hints on how I would update them for today’s consumer.

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How to Incorporate the Principles of Design into Your Kitchen Projects

In my last blog I presented the 7 Elements of Design and how you could incorporate them into your Kitchen designs.

They were space, line, form, light, color, texture and pattern.

Today I will show you how to take your Kitchen designs to the next level by using the 6 Principles of Design in your projects.

These Principles include:

  • Balance
  • Emphasis
  • Rhythm
  • Contrast
  • Proportion & Scale
  • Harmony & Unity

I see the proper implementation of the Principles of Design as the “WOW” factor of interior design and a theory that all Kitchen Designers need to know!

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