Rounding Out Your Designs with Rosettes

Ornamental trim is a type of trim that adds a highly decorative element to a design.

One of the most popular pieces of trim in this category is the rosette.

The traditional rosette is a round, stylized motif that features a botanical design. It was derived from the natural shape of the circular formation of leaves around a flower.

It has been a popular motif for centuries, adapting to interior design trends and consumer tastes again and again.

Let’s explore how this decorative element can enhance contemporary designs.

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+ Master Bathroom after

Case Study: Master Moulding Makeover

Mouldings are often not the first thing a Kitchen & Bath Designer may think of when updating a bathroom, but maybe it should be.

Not every bathroom needs a to-the-studs renovation to transform it.

If your client’s bathroom has good bones consider turning to mouldings for a cost effective update.

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How Strips of Wood Can Enhance Your Kitchen Designs

I am developing a workshop that is going to focus on how Kitchen Designers can incorporate mouldings and millwork into their designs.

For the next while, my posts in VESTA will feature topics on this subject to give you a sneak peak on the workshop, and show you how these products can enhance your Kitchen Designs.

Here is a list of my moulding & millwork blogs so far:

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So, let’s have a look at how strips of wood can enhance your Kitchen Designs!

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How Mouldings can turn your basic Before into a Spectacular After!

I have always loved the impact that mouldings could bring to a room design.

When I owned my own custom cabinet and millwork shop in the early 2000’s I really got to explore this passion.

Many of my Kitchen Designs began to incorporated unique trim pieces in the form of one of a kind crown mouldings to top my custom cabinets.

Soon I began to see that I could transfer this type of design detail into other rooms of the home.

Then as the Director of Design and Development for the largest North American moulding and millwork manufacturer, I had the opportunity to educate other design Professionals on incorporating mouldings and interior door collections into their projects.

In this blog article I would like to share with you how the addition of mouldings, trim and interior doors can take a basic room and make it spectacular.

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How Beams Can Transform Your Kitchen Designs

When I am teaching Kitchen Design or coaching Kitchen Designers, the conversation will often come around to how to enhance a Kitchen Design.

While there are multiple ways of doing this, one of the first things I will say is:

Look Up!

The ceiling is the perfect place to add some detail to your Kitchen Designs and there are infinite ways to do that.

Read on to see how the simple beam can be used to add that finishing touch to any of your Kitchen projects.

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+ Customer service team

The Importance of Customer Service in the Kitchen Design Industry

The Kitchen Industry is going through an unprecedented time.

Demand is higher than ever, and as an industry we are dealing with extended lead times, increasing prices, delays, and back orders on almost everything.

When I scroll the online professional design groups this is a top conversation in many threads.

The thing missing though, is how to deal with it from a customer service point of view.

Read on to see how you can do your part to turn the dropping level of customer service in our industry around.

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Case Study: The Bathrooms at the Willow Project

Many Kitchen Designers also practice Bathroom Design.

In my personal design practice, Vestabul Design, Bathroom Design goes hand in hand with Kitchen Design.

Both are rooms that need to function and be aesthetically pleasing.

One of the big differences between the two is that the Kitchen is a public space while the Bathroom a private space.

Most of my Bathroom Designs are focused on how the homeowner will use the space, but without knowing the specific end-user you need to get creative.

Read on to see how I accomplished this in a “mini-multi” project I designed called the Willow Project.

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How To Get The Most Out of Attending a Design Tradeshow

Attending a design tradeshow is often a highlight for a person working in the Kitchen Industry.

With tradeshows finally beginning to come back to in-person events, it is important to plan ahead to get the most out of your attendance.

I recently booked my flights and hotel for the upcoming Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida this February, and felt this was a great time to share my suggestions on getting the most out of attending a design tradeshow.

I will also be presenting at The Voices From the Industry Conference at KBIS if you would like to check out my session.

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Read on to get my top tips for a successful tradeshow experience.

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Choosing the Perfect Layout for your Client’s Kitchen

A big part of the Kitchen Design process is deciding on the layout you will present to your client.

While certain layouts are more popular than others, the Kitchen Designer should be aware of all the basic Kitchen layouts along with their pros and cons.

Read on to become familiar with different Kitchen layouts to help you decide what would work best for your client’s space.

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Options for Corners in Your Kitchen Designs

Most Kitchens will have a least one corner to deal with in the design layout.

Coming up with a creative solution for what to do with these corners can be a challenge for the Kitchen Designer.

With homeowners wanting to maximize the square footage of their Kitchens, blanking off the corner is not a viable solution.

Read on to see multiple options for customizing the corners in your Kitchen Designs to set your designs apart.

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The Importance of Kitchen Countertop Guidelines

A Kitchen does not exist without countertops.

And one of the biggest complaints consumer have about their existing Kitchens is a lack of counter space.

As a Kitchen Designer it is your responsibility to develop a design for your client’s Kitchen that provides adequate countertop space.

But, it is not just about increasing the countertop area in a room, it also means putting it in the correct places.

Read on to learn all the ins and outs on planning countertops in your Kitchen Designs, and check out a FREE giveaway to help you out at the end of the blog!

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The Top 10 Kitchen Wall Cabinet Options

Wall cabinets can be found in most contemporary Kitchen Designs.

Yes, there is a trend to removing wall cabinets in today’s Kitchens, or replacing them with floating shelves, but the wall cabinet is still one of the best storage units in Kitchen Design.

There are also options when it comes to specifying the wall cabinets for your Kitchen Designs.

Check out my Top 10 Kitchen Wall Cabinets and get inspired to experiment with this aspect of your design.

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