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Everything You Need to Know About the Kitchen Cooking Zone

The Cooking Zone is the heart of the kitchen and needs to be planned to optimize function but still be a focal point in the space. Read on to get inspired to develop fantastic Cooking Zones for you clients.


Everything You Need to Know About the Kitchen Prep Zone

The Prep Zone is the most used area in a client’s kitchen. Knowing how to plan it into your layouts is an important Kitchen Designer skill. Check out everything you need to know about the Prep Zone in this blog.


Everything You Need To Know About the Food Storage Zone

The Food Flow Theory is one that every Kitchen Designer needs to know. In this 5 part series we will do a deep dive into each of the essential zones. We will start with the Food Storage Zone.


The Top 10 Ways to Support Kitchen Dining Bars

The informal dining bar is a sought after feature for homeowner’s. Read on to see my top 10 favorite ways to support the dining bar safely and beautifully!


The Best Locations for Placing Wall Ovens in your Kitchen Designs

Appliance manufacturers are introducing more and more wall options to tempt consumers. Kitchen Designers need to bring unique design solutions to the table for multiple ovens in their client’s Dream Kitchens. Read on to see the best locations for placing wall ovens in your Kitchen Designs.

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Kitchen Design Case Study: Heritage Designation

This Vestabul Design project takes readers through the entire process of designing a kitchen for a complicated renovation project. See how contemporary design can be right at home in a heritage designated site.


Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design: Part 2

You never want to have errors or mistakes in your Kitchen Designs. Check out this series on Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design to learn how to recognize and avoid them.


Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design: Part 1

Errors in Kitchen Design can affect the function of the room and can be very costly to fix. Test your ability to recognize common errors in kitchen design in this informative article.


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 3

The Business of Kitchen Design & Appliances is Part 3 in the series “Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy!” As a Kitchen Designer when you combine the Art, the Science and the Business of Design you will have the skills to get Appliances right!


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 2

Understanding the Science of Design when it comes to Appliances is an important skillset for the Kitchen Designer. Mistakes made with appliances can derail a project and be costly to the bottom line. Read on for an introduction to the Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances.


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 1

Appliances are a big part of Kitchen Design. It is important the Kitchen Designer understand them from the view point of the Art, the Science & the Business of Design. This series of blogs begins by discussing the Art of Design and Appliances.


Design Solutions Spotlight: Expanding a Small Kitchen

“Form Follows Function” is the best way to approach Kitchen Design. Our DESIGN SOLUTIONS SPOTLIGHT series highlights Professional Kitchen Designer’s layouts for spaces that really work for homeowners. Check it out to be inspired to work out the function of your designs prior to picking the finishes.