+ Appliances flush mounted

Comparing Standard vs Flush Mounted Appliances

When selecting built-in appliances for your Kitchen design projects, there is a lot to consider.

First is how the unit functions and second is how it looks.

Once you and your client have narrowed in on all the features they want in a specific appliance, you will then turn to how it looks within their design.

In today’s VESTA Blog post I will focus on how the appliance looks, specifically how it is installed into the cabinetry.

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+ Metal Hood custom designed

The Custom Hood in Popular Kitchen Décor Styles

Appliances are an important part of Kitchen design.

Because of this I have been focusing my posts on appliances for the last several weeks in anticipation of launching a FREE workshop on appliances.

Before you read on, spend a few seconds and register for my appliance workshop to be updated on dates and times.

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Specifying a custom hood for your client’s kitchen is the ideal way to focus the décor style of the room and to produce a focal point.

The hood is an element in Kitchen Design that you as the Kitchen Designer, are best suited to design and specify. 

In this post, I want to present a variety of hood designs to represent the Art of Kitchen Design in popular décor styles.

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A Case Study: Appliances in a Custom Kitchen

Appliances play a very important roll in Kitchen design.

In my private design business a discussion of the client’s appliance “wants” is always part of the initial needs assessment.

In this VESTA Blog post I want to walk you through a case study on appliance choices for a new home build.

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+ MAINS at Middleby Residential appliances

The Kitchen Designer and the Appliance Manufacturer

Appliances are an important part of every Kitchen Design.

With the chaos of choice in appliances I am often asked by other designers:

How can I learn more about appliance brands?

My answer is”

Participate in appliance manufacturer’s designer tours.

Appliance manufactures rely on Kitchen Designers to educate the consumer as part of their sales funnel.

Even though many Kitchen Designers do not sell appliances directly to their clients, they can have a huge influence on what appliances the homeowner purchases for their space.

Read on to hear about my experiences on manufacturer designer tours.

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Getting the Dishwasher Right in Your Kitchen Designs

In anticipation of launching my appliance workshop this fall, I have been devoting my weekly VESTA Blog to everything appliances.

Today I want to tackle the dishwasher.

While many Kitchen Designers may not think twice about the dishwasher, and always specify a stainless steel model beside the sink, there are choices.

Read on to see how you can place or specify a dishwasher to really meet the needs of your client.

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+ Tomato canning

How to Design a Kitchen for Your Client that Cans & Preserves

The late summer harvest is in full swing where I live, and that means my canner is out of storage and sitting on the Kitchen counter.

Many of my weekends this time of year are spent visiting farmers markets and actual farms to purchase cases of produce to preserve.

Learning the skill of canning and preserving is a hobby I very much enjoy and is even one that I have introduced to my clients over the years.

Knowing how to design a Kitchen to accommodate this hobby has been an asset as a Kitchen designer and today I want to revisit a VESTA Blog on the subject.

Read on to get inspired to help your canning clients design the Kitchen of their dreams.

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Appliances for a Living in Place Kitchen Design.

A big part of my private design practice revolves around Living in Place Design, also referred to as Universal Design.

Early in my career I discovered a statistic that stated:

The historical user of the Kitchen was a 5′ 4″ tall, able-bodied, non-elderly female.

When you look at “standard” Kitchen design criteria, much of it still revolves around accommodating this user, even though she is only about 15% of the North American population.

Making our Kitchen designs functional for all users should be a priority of every professional Kitchen Designer.

Read on to learn some of my tips for choosing and placing appliances in your living in place Kitchen designs that accommodate all users!

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Kitchen Appliances: The Business of Design

For those of you who follow me, you know that I look at Kitchen Design from three view points:

  • The Art of Kitchen Design
  • The Science of Kitchen Design
  • The Business of Kitchen Design

In Part 1 of this series we looked at the Art of Kitchen Design & Appliances and in Part 2 we looked at the Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances.

In Part 3 we will look at the Business of Kitchen Design & Appliances so you can combine all three to be on your way to mastering appliances in your Kitchen designs.

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Kitchen Appliances: The Science of Design

Last week we explored the Art of Design with Appliances by looking at the 4 categories of Kitchen Appliances.

Helping your clients make the decision to choose Free Standing Appliances, Built-in Appliances, Integrated Appliances, or Pro-style Appliances is the first step in the Art of Design & Appliances.

In my FREE Workshop on Appliances launching this fall, I will cover additional art of design steps for specifying appliances. You will want to check it out!

To register for the workshop and get notified of dates and time for the Vestabul School of Design Appliance Workshop, subscribe to here:

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+ custom metal hood

Kitchen Appliances: The Art of Design

When I was developing the concept for VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN, I interviewed multiple Designers to find out what they needed to excel as Kitchen Designers.

Time and time again I heard

Help me with Appliances!

With the variety of appliance brands and types available in the market constantly increasing, appliances are becoming a more and more important element in Kitchen Design.

Due to this chaos of choice, the Kitchen Designer needs to take the lead on appliances for a successful project.

Read on to see how VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN is committed to helping Designers do just that!

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Revisiting Placing Wall Ovens in Your Kitchen Designs

As I have been working on developing my Appliance Workshop for this fall, I have been revisiting past VESTA Blog posts on appliances.

The Best Locations for Placing Wall Ovens in Your Kitchen Designs was my most read post, showing there is a lot of interest in appliances when it comes to Kitchen Design.

Here is that post again in case you missed it!

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+ Kitchen with appliance drawers

Revisiting Why I love Appliances as Drawers

For those of you who have worked with me, or follow my blog, know that I believe in the philosophy of

Form Follows Function

Architect, Louis Sullivan

When it comes to recommending appliances for my private clients, this philosophy is top of mind.

This is why I love Kitchen appliances as drawers!

Today, I am revisiting this popular VESTA Blog post about appliance drawers in anticipation of a FREE Workshop on Appliances that I will be releasing this fall.

If you would like to be alerted to times and dates for the workshop and are not already a subscriber you can subscribe here:

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