Tag: Kitchen Appliance Specifications

+ Heritage building transformation

Case Study: Appliances at the Willow Project

Specifying appliances for any of your Kitchen projects is important. Read on to see how I approached the appliance selection for a mini-multi spec home project.

+ Appliances flush mounted

Comparing Standard vs Flush Mounted Appliances

How built in appliances are installed can make the difference in the overall look of your Kitchen designs. Check out this VESTA Blog post to see how to get the best look.


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 3

The Business of Kitchen Design & Appliances is Part 3 in the series “Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy!” As a Kitchen Designer when you combine the Art, the Science and the Business of Design you will have the skills to get Appliances right!


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 2

Understanding the Science of Design when it comes to Appliances is an important skillset for the Kitchen Designer. Mistakes made with appliances can derail a project and be costly to the bottom line. Read on for an introduction to the Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances.

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