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Why I Love Kitchen Appliances as Drawers

Kitchen Designers need to guide the appliance choices for their client’s Kitchens. Appliance drawers are always a great choice. Read on to see why I love Appliances as Drawers.

+ Heritage image of the original church

Kitchen Design Case Study: Heritage Designation

This Vestabul Design project takes readers through the entire process of designing a kitchen for a complicated renovation project. See how contemporary design can be right at home in a heritage designated site.


My Top 3 Insights from the KBIS 2021 Virtual Show Floor

KBIS 2021 went virtual this year. They had a rough go of it but VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN was able to view the floor show before the platform crashed. Read on to see our Top 3 Kitchen Design insights from our analysis of the new products presented. You may be surprised to see where Kitchen Design is headed this year.


Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design: Part 2

You never want to have errors or mistakes in your Kitchen Designs. Check out this series on Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design to learn how to recognize and avoid them.


Identifying Common Errors in Kitchen Design: Part 1

Errors in Kitchen Design can affect the function of the room and can be very costly to fix. Test your ability to recognize common errors in kitchen design in this informative article.


What Does a Kitchen Designer Really Do? Phase 4

The process a Kitchen Designer goes through to realize a client’s Dream Kitchen entails 4 phases. In this last installment of “What Does a Kitchen Designer Really Do? we cover the last phase and add up all the hours!


What Does a Kitchen Designer Really Do? Phase 3

Most Kitchen Designers will have already devoted 25 hours to the Pre-design and the Design Development stages of a Kitchen Project before they get to ordering the product needed for their project. Read on to see how what phase 3 entails and how many hours are still needed to be devoted to the project.


What does a Kitchen Designer Really Do? Phase 2

Design Development is an exciting part of the Kitchen Design Process. Read on to see what is involved and how many hours most Professional Kitchen Designers devote to this stage.


What Does a Kitchen Designer Really Do? Phase 1

Kitchen Designers need to possess a variety of skills. Over a series of 4 blog posts we will discuss what a Kitchen Designer really does and calculate the number hours they invest in a design project. Starting with Pre-Design.


Guest Blog

Check out our “Firsts” with this Blog . It is the first guest blog for Jan through VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN and is the first time 2020 Design has included a Guest Blogger on their platform. We love the format and hope you will too!


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 3

The Business of Kitchen Design & Appliances is Part 3 in the series “Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy!” As a Kitchen Designer when you combine the Art, the Science and the Business of Design you will have the skills to get Appliances right!


Why Appliances Drive Kitchen Designers Crazy! Part 2

Understanding the Science of Design when it comes to Appliances is an important skillset for the Kitchen Designer. Mistakes made with appliances can derail a project and be costly to the bottom line. Read on for an introduction to the Science of Kitchen Design & Appliances.