Thinking about design details in general, the typical designer go-to is to combine items in odd numbers. For example, when accessorizing an open shelf, designers will include 3 or 5 items rather than 2 or 4. When it comes to functional design though, pairs are often the most functional and can be very aesthetically pleasing.

While reviewing images in my iCloud account this week, I started noticing some fantastic “pairs” that inspired this post. Beginning with images of displays from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show a few years ago featuring duel range hoods.

This first display was designed in the popular Farmhouse style. It included an open base cabinet finished in stained wood and a solid surface backsplash fabricated to echo wood slats. The slats provide ease of maintenance and blend in with the painted upper cabinetry. The focal point of the vignette, however, was the double chimney styled extractor hoods. Made from a matte grey metal they echo industrial smokestacks and add a unique element to the space.

This second display was decidedly modern and featured two rectangular columns that function as duel exhaust hoods. The design worked perfectly with the modern streamline kitchen design and each one could be operated independently. If the cook is using only one side of the cooktop, only one hood column would need to be turned on. For more robust cooking both units could be engaged.

Double ovens have been an upgraded option for many years with kitchen clients. Traditionally manufactures stack double ovens as one unit. This is still a popular way to install double ovens. Another option is to specify two single wall ovens and install them side by side. This solution allows you to place the ovens at the best ergonomic height for your client.

In both these examples the designers also doubled up on tall pantry storage by book-casing the oven installations.

Double refrigerators are also a good option for some homeowners. For clients who entertain, specifying two refrigerator/freezer units is a smart design solution. In this example a double set of drawers is placed between the two refrigerators providing the perfect place to set up the beverage zone when entertaining.

Specifying duel wine refrigerators are also something to consider for your entertaining clients. A set up like this would enable the wine collecting client to keep their collection at the perfect temperature.

The ultimate luxury for some homeowners is duel dishwashers. This set up will accommodate all the prep dishes, pots, and pans from prepping the evening meal in one dishwasher while the other will provide clean-up duty for dinner plates and serving items at the end of the meal.

The first design above features duel stainless steel dishwashers along with a double set of glass door upper cabinets. These upper cabinets also have the bonus of being duel entry, which means they open from both sides allowing easy access from the kitchen and dining room sides.

The second example features a duel set of paneled dishwasher drawers either side of an island sink. This design gives the homeowner 4 separate dishwashers allowing them to load based on the wash cycle needed.  

If double dishwashers cannot be accommodated in your client’s design, an alternative could be extra large double sinks. The options above are “commercial” sized and would handle any clean-up job. Also ideal for duel cooks prepping at the same time.

Including double drain boards as per the second example increases the functionality of these duel sinks even more.

Doubling up on pantry storage is one of the most functional things that you can included in your kitchen designs. The floor to ceiling storage of a cabinet pantry allows the most accessible storage. There are countless ways of incorporating a pantry and above are two stylish examples.

The cream toned kitchen above includes double pantries either side of a built-in refrigerator. The paneling of the refrigerator and the detailed open shelf and glass doors above the units produces a furniture look to the kitchen design.

The second example shows double closed-door pantries at mid height with double glass door units stacked above. Designing the cabinetry like this will reduce the bulkiness of an all dark floor to ceiling pantry unit. The storage also provides functionality through both food storage and extra dishware storage.

 As you can see doubling up appliances and storage can add functionality and style to your designs. It is worth exploring what items could be “doubled” in your next kitchen design project.

Leave a comment to let me know if doubling up will be part of any of your future kitchen designs.

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