Every year in January I look at Kitchen design data.

By that I mean, what has been popular in the last year and what is predicted to trend in the upcoming year for Kitchens.

As a Kitchen Designer, it is important that you keep on top of these trends to best advise your clients.

In this blog article I want to explore how mouldings & millwork can enhance the most popular Kitchen styles in 2022.

Two of the sources I turn to every year for Kitchen Design Trends are the NKBA Design Trends Report and the Houzz US Kitchen Trends Survey.

The NKBA report includes a list of the most popular Kitchen styles rated by professional Kitchen Designers for 2022.

This year they they are Transitional, Organic/Natural, Contemporary, Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern and Coastal.

The Houzz 2022 Kitchen Trends Survey asks consumers what is popular, and their list includes: Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, Farmhouse and Traditional.

Looking at this data, I see Transitional, Contemporary, Modern, Farmhouse and Coastal the ideal Kitchen decor styles that can be enhanced in 2022 with mouldings & millwork.

Let’s look at how you can do that.


Traditional door casing, baseboard and stairway system painted in an on-trend color work well with Modern Kitchen cabinetry

Transitional Kitchen Design style has been at the top of both lists for several years.

For many homeowners it is the ideal choice for designing and decorating their home, because it combines both Traditional and Modern design styles into one space.

A great way to employ Transitional design in a Kitchen space is to combine traditional mouldings with modern cabinetry.

The juxtaposition of the “old with the new” is a great way to produce this look.

To develop an even more on-trend space, try painting the traditionally trim in a color found on one of the paint manufacturers 2022 color pallets.


A white painted beamed ceiling is the perfect compliment to this Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Décor is defined as design that is popular at the moment.

In interior design this is a style that is always evolving.

In 2022, the two tone Kitchen is a Contemporary look with the perimeter cabinets painted white, and the island in a stained wood or contrasting color.

A great way to enhance a Contemporary Kitchen with mouldings & millwork is to add a ceiling treatment.

Many new homes have high ceilings and this “5th wall” can be the perfect place for a unique treatment.

In the example above ceiling beams painted white frame skylights and take the Kitchen design from good to WOW!


A stained wood linear ceiling treatment produces a Mid-Mod vibe in this Kitchen design

Modern is a design style originating from the middle of the 20th century, often being referred to as Mid-Mod Design.

If features linear lines for a clean and simple look, perfect for a Kitchen.

Stained wood is popular in this style making stained wood trim the ideal choice for around doors and window openings.

Typical trim profiles for a mid-modern room are simple straight lines.

Slab styled interior doors in a stained wood are popular and low profile ceiling treatments are a great addition to a room.

Always think simple straight lines when specifying mouldings & millwork for this style. Curvy profiles do not belong in this decor style.


A craftsman style cased opening is perfect for Farmhouse style

Farmhouse Kitchen style emerged as look several years ago and is still popular with consumers.

This updated Country décor style often features white painted shaker cabinet doors.

Designers are beginning to add new elements to this style such as natural wood accents and matte black hardware in 2022, but trim mouldings are staying classic.

Baseboards, casings and crown mouldings are most often painted white and have simple craftsman like details.

Shiplap and bead board are signature elements for wall and ceiling treatments and are ideal to include in your designs.

Add a few beams and you will have the perfect Farmhouse style Kitchen.


Beadboard and beams painted in beachy colors are perfect for Coastal Kitchen designs.

Coastal design is inspired by living by the water and a casual lifestyle.

I believe it made the list with Kitchen Designers because they are hearing from their clients that they want a vacation feel in their new Kitchen.

While many of the moulding & millwork elements in Coastal are similar to Farmhouse, it is the color schemes that set them apart.

You definitely will want to add in a ceiling treatment in your client’s Coastal Kitchen, but you may want to add some sky blue paint to it.

Bead board and shiplap are also elements that work well in this style, but again, consider adding color reflective of the surf, sand or sky.

Pale wood tones and white washed finishes are very much at home in this casual Kitchen style.

As you can see, choosing the appropriate moulding trims and millwork elements can enhance the design of your client’s Kitchen.

I believe the Kitchen Designer is the design professional ideally suited for specifying these elements.

Do you currently specify mouldings, ceiling treatments and wall treatments for your Kitchen Designs? Please share with me below in the comments.

Jan Rutgers has been designing kitchens and products for over 25 years and is a recipient of Kitchen & Bath Design News’ Top Innovators in 2020 for the Kitchen & Bath Industry. She has designed more than 1000 kitchens learning valuable skills with each one! Her experience in Kitchen Design, Millwork Manufacturing and Product Development has led her to create VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN where she educates and mentors people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry.

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