As a professional kitchen and bath designer, I am always on the look out for unique products to recommend or incorporate into my design projects.

And it is really exciting when I find something truly innovative.

Recently, I met an entrepreneur who had a great idea and has developed a unique product for the kitchen industry.

Her name is Megan Aycock and she is the founder of Homi Hardware.

She has developed a line of appliance handles that can be installed on most standard appliance brands to give that on-trend custom look.

The Homi Hardware Products

Homi Hardware appliance handles can transform the look of standard appliances.

They are a cost effective way to produce a custom look at a cost effective price point.

Not every client will have the budget for high end appliances, but these handles can help you “get-the-look” of custom appliances.

The Homi Hardware appliance handles are available in a variety of on-trend finishes to give your kitchen projects a custom look.


Above are examples of the matt black, the stainless & brass and the black & brass options.

For additional finishes check out the Homi Hardware Etsy site here.

An Example

Megan recently completed a renovation project with the matt black appliance E-Series handles.

She installed the custom handles on the refrigerator, the dishwasher and the range.

Megan will provide some additional info on this project in her story below, but check out this video to see the process and finished kitchen.

Meet Megan Aycock

Megan Aycock, Homi founder
Megan Aycock, CEO & Founder of Homi Hardware LLC

So, I would like to introduce you to Megan Aycock, the CEO and Founder of Homi Hardware.

The following is her story told from her point view!

Megan Aycock’s Story

I grew up in a small town where my dad owned and operated a mechanic shop. Though he never wanted me to follow his footsteps, I couldn’t help with the curiosity of how things worked and the tools utilized to do so. Most of my family on my fathers side came with entrepreneurship and a sense of ingenuity. Therefore, I usually found myself in the midst of a conversation that surrounded exploratory concepts of what could be. That simple yet inquisitive mindset, I feel, plays a big part of me today.

It was the summer of 21′ and the world was still in the midst of a pandemic. My husband and I were no strangers to renovations and had recently purchased another home which entailed undertaking quite a large project.

The kitchen was the main point of attack and restraint on supply chains for building material was at an all time high. More affordable designer styled kitchen appliances were on the rise. Yet due to the supply chain issues, options were limited and or backordered. Being on a budget where contingencies were pressed on a weekly basis, cost preservation was required. My longed for designer styled appliances became a thing of the past, as we decided to purchase a more economical appliance line.

There’s just something that always irked me when completing a kitchen renovation. The overwhelmingly non-existence of options that the market offers for appliance handles. I mean really, who wants to fancy up the kitchen cabinetry hardware with no ability to change out appliance handles too.

From an interior design point of view it seems incohesive and leaves a lasting generic look. I knew there had to be a way to change out the hardware. I started my research, pulled out a notepad, and started to draw.

Fine skilled machining was new territory for me but luckily I stumbled across someone who truly had a passion for the way things work and the creation behind a product. With my drawings in hand, I had a prototype in no time. My idea was finally coming to life. The rollout for material and finish options began soon after.

I have always admired the authenticity of raw elements which speaks through materials in which we choose. I knew I wanted our lines to be high quality. Our duty is to manufacture to last for a lifetime and materials need to match the timeless nature that would entail. Our series of products pays homage to the very reason they were created.

Each being named after the individual who sparked inspiration for that variation. Our E-Series was named after Ebonee, a high school cohort. We collaborated and successfully completed an install and photoshoot. Her kitchen may be recognizable as it was featured on HGTV’s very own Hometown: Home Sweet Laurel.  

Our journey has not been without challenges. We continue refining designs to perfect future prototypes. My goal is to expand the possibilities for appliance handles, sparking more creativity and customization. While we cannot yet accommodate every make and model, our passion drives us to offer finish options for widely available appliances.

We strive to empower homeowners to make their spaces distinctly their own. Though our capabilities are limited today, we are determined to unlock more unique and personalized options in the future. 

With imagination and perseverance, we hope to reshape an industry and open new avenues for self-expression. Where we start does not dictate where we can go.

There is always potential for growth when fueled by a vision!

Why I Love this Product

I really love Megan’s story and when you talk to her, you feel her passion.

And there are a variety of additional reasons why I love the Homi Hardware products.

  • They are a cost effective solution for designers and homeowners
  • They are available in on-trend finishes to update any decor style
  • They bring unity to a design by matching all the appliance handles
  • They are a North American made product
  • They are an innovative solution to work with many standard appliance brands

I also love that Megan is an hands-on gal installing the handles for the Hometown: Home Sweet Laurel project to show how easy it is!

To learn more about Megan and Homi Hardware check out this link.

Do you know of an innovative kitchen product I should check out? If so drop me a line through my contact page.

Jan Rutgers, B.Sc. H.Ec.

Jan Rutgers has been designing kitchens and products for over 25 years and is a recipient of Kitchen & Bath Design News’ Top Innovators in 2020 for the Kitchen & Bath Industry. She has designed more than 1000 kitchens learning valuable skills with each one! Her experience in Kitchen Design, Millwork Manufacturing and Product Development has led her to create VESTABUL SCHOOL OF DESIGN where she educates and mentors people passionate about the Kitchen Design Industry.

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  1. Kudos on the HOMI products to enhance appliances. I have seen other ‘hacks’ on the same concept, and I love it!

    • Yes, a great idea that shows good design is available at every budget!

  2. Brilliant! Love Megan’s entrepreneurial mind! Refrigeration hardware options have always been difficult to find til now!

    • Agreed! It is going to be fun to watch her business and product offering grow!

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