In a few weeks I will be hosting a FREE Workshop called Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business.

In preparation for the Workshop, I would like to highlight the VESTA Blogs I have written on the subject in the past several weeks.

I know that the Kitchen Designer is ideally suited to add the category of mouldings and millwork to their design practice to differentiate themselves and to increase their bottom line.

Today’s blog post will show you just some of the possibilities!

If you would like to join me for the workshop you can register here:

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Throughout my Kitchen design career, I have always looked to differentiate myself.

I found I could enhance my Kitchen designs by adding different mouldings, ceiling treatments and wall treatments into my projects, when most other Kitchen designers were sticking to cabinets only.

These blogs highlight some of the areas the Kitchen designer can explore to take their Kitchen designs, and other room designs, to the next level!

Vestabul Moulding & Millwork Blogs

If you search the VESTA Blog site for Mouldings & Millwork the following 12 blogs pop up:

As you can see from this list, mouldings and millwork is a subject I am passionate about.

Let’s look at the highlights of these blogs.

Setting the Stage with Mouldings

Trim is one of the most versatile elements designers can use to enhance their projects.

The same room can produce multiple different looks just by changing the crown mouldings, baseboards and casings.

Add in chair rail, panel moulding, architraves, and rosettes, and the design options are infinite!

Before & Afters with Moulding Trim

Many spaces can be enhanced with the addition of mouldings and trim.

Often this detail is left to chance, and the Before & Afters of these rooms show how much this element, when specified by a professional, can transform a space.

How Mouldings Can Elevate Your Kitchen Designs

Mouldings can be added to a stock builder’s Kitchen to elevate it to the look of a custom Kitchen.

A ceiling treatment is ideal to define a Kitchen space in a greatroom.

Adding casings to bare windows, acts to frame the view and elevates the space.

Mouldings can also be used to enhance additional stock shelving units for a one-of-a-kind space.

Adding WOW with Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a millwork element that can be added to almost any room setting.

It can be designed using panel moulding, bead board, solid panels and shiplap.

Often it can be the one detail in a room that gives it the WOW factor.

Enhancing Your Space With Strips of Wood

Tongue & groove, bead board and shiplap are all millwork elements made from strips of wood.

These pieces of wood are ideal ways to enhance your Kitchen designs.

To get even more mileage from these pieces of wood, experiment with painting and staining them.

Rounding Out Designs with Rosettes

The rosette is a small decorative moulding item that can add a lot of design detail to a project.

They are the ideal to incorporate into your Kitchen designs or almost any other room you are designing.

Search out rosette designs that evoke the overall decor style of the room. There are lots to choose from!

Posts in Kitchen Design

As Kitchen designers open up the Kitchen to the rest of the living space, a post may need to become a part of the design.

Due to budget constraints eliminating the post is not always possible.

This is the time for the Kitchen designer to get creative and incorporate the support post into the overall design of the space.

Beams in Kitchen Design

Beams are another millwork element that a Kitchen designer may need to be include in their overall design.

The beams in a Kitchen design can be structural, but can also add a decorative element.

Beams are a great way to add the finishing touch to a Kitchen design.

Moulding & Millwork in Popular Kitchen Decor Styles

There are multiple decor styles popular for Kitchen design.

Whether your client’s design style is Coastal, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Urban, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, or something else, there is a moulding and millwork treatment that will enhance it.

The right millwork treatment can take your design from “good” to WOW!

Mouldings & Millwork in Kitchen Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style has been a popular decor look for several years.

A signature element in this look is shiplap, with its smaller cousin bead board, also popular in this decor style.

When designing a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen, it is almost imperative to include these strips of wood to get the look.

Principle Bath Case Study with Mouldings

The bathroom can be the ideal room to add mouldings for a one-of-a-kind look.

With the trend to design with free standing fixtures, embellishing the walls with mouldings can add texture.

Including a wainscot treatment is the perfect place to start.

Moulding & Millwork Inspiration

A great place to get inspiration for your moulding and millwork projects are boutique hotels.

When I travel I try to check into historic hotels to enjoy a unique experience and to be inspired by their interior design.

A recent trip to Florida provided the opportunity to stay at the Belleview Inn, who employed a local historian to provided tours of the building.

I came away pumped to put the finishing touches on my workshop, Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business.

Registration is now open for the FREE Workshop. I hope you can join me.

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Expertise in mouldings and millwork can be the perfect additions to a Kitchen Designer’s area of expertise.

As you can see, there are infinite ways to enhance your Kitchen designs, as well as other rooms in the home using this category.

Again, I hope you can join me when I present my FREE workshop devoted to this category.

Jan has more than 25 years experience as an Architectural Designer, with expertise in Moulding & Millwork product development. As a recognized innovator in the Home Design Industry, she is uniquely suited to help elevate your design skills by introducing mouldings & millwork into your design offerings. Her approach is a proven process that she developed when she owned her own custom cabinet manufacturing shop and advanced with her work for one of North America’s largest moulding & millwork manufacturers.

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