This week I have launched a FREE Workshop called Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business.

The Workshop consists of three sessions covering

  • The Art of Design with Mouldings & Millwork
  • The Science of Design with Mouldings & Millwork
  • The Business of Design with Mouldings & Millwork

I developed this workshop to show Kitchen Designers how they can add this category to their business model to differentiate themselves from the competition, attract more interesting projects and increase their bottom line.

Read on for an overview of each of the sessions.

There is still time to register for the workshop so click here to get access:

The Art of Design with Mouldings & Millwork

The art of design or how something looks is what most people will notice first when they first enter a room.

In Session #1 of Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business, I will cover the art of design.

We will be looking at 6 categories of mouldings & millwork I call Interior Finishings.

They include:

  • trim
  • interior doors
  • ceiling treatments
  • wall treatments
  • stairway systems
  • posts & columns
Trim and Interior Doors

Trim includes items such as crown moulding, baseboards, casings, architraves, panel moulding, chair rail, rosettes, etc.

These products can set the stage for your interior decor style and support your overall Kitchen Design.

The design of interior doors in your Kitchen designs should not be left to chance.

A great way to celebrate the art of design is to coordinate your interior doors with the cabinetry style specified for the Kitchen.

Ceiling Treatments and Wall Treatments

Including a ceiling treatment in your Kitchen design is often the finishing touch.

There are multiple ways of defining this “5th” wall and a traditional Kitchen design is never complete without an appropriate ceiling treatment.

The popularity of the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen aesthetic in the past several years, reintroduced us to the wall treatment, shiplap.

This wall treatment completes the look of the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen, with the room feeling unfinished without it.

Stairway Systems and Posts & Columns

Stairway systems along with posts & columns are not usually the first thing people think about when designing a Kitchen, but as we open up the Kitchen to the rest of the living space they are becoming more predominate.

Treating these elements aesthetically has become an important part of contemporary Kitchen design.

The Science of Design with Mouldings & Millwork

My philosophy on design is that the art of design represents 25% of the design process, while the science of design represents 75% of the design process.

A design will not be successful without ensuring the science of design is correct.

In Session #2 of Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business we will cover the science of design.

When it comes to mouldings & millwork and the science of design it is all about avoiding mistakes.

Ensuring that items such as trim reveals are correct and that other elements in the room do not interfere with the trim are all part of getting the science of design right.

Specifying interior door swings correctly and deciding how cabinet crown moulding and room crown moulding interact, are all part of understanding the science of design.

It has been my experience that most designers will shy away from introducing a new product category like mouldings & millwork (Interior Finishings) because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Learning the science of design will eliminate this fear and is what is covered in session #2 of my moulding and millwork workshop.

The Business of Design with Mouldings & Millwork

In Session #3 of Integrating Mouldings & Millwork into Your Kitchen Design Business, I will be covering how to educate your client on the category of Interior Finishings.

We will look at the importance of conducting a needs assessment with your clients and how to convey your design vision to the other allied professionals on the project.

Ultimately you will see why adding Interior Finishings to your Kitchen Design Business will differentiate you in the marketplace and increase you bottom line.

My goal with this workshop is to introduce Kitchen Designers to this category and encourage them to get creative with it.

I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the great Instagram images that will be filling my feed once my followers start implementing Interior Finishings into their Kitchen Design projects.

The workshop will only be available for a short time, so if you are interested in viewing it, please register here for access.

I’m looking forward to your comments on the workshop and how you plan to incorporate Interior Finishings on your upcoming Kitchen design projects!

Jan has more than 25 years experience as an Architectural Designer, with expertise in Moulding & Millwork product development. As a recognized innovator in the Home Design Industry, she is uniquely suited to help elevate your design skills by introducing mouldings & millwork into your design offerings. Her approach is a proven process that she developed when she owned her own custom cabinet manufacturing shop and advanced with her work for one of North America’s largest moulding & millwork manufacturers.

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